I’m a farmer.  I’m a realist.  I believe in being proactive.  I try to anticipate challenges on the farm.  I know the bad weather will possibly affect crops so I plan accordingly.  I recognize accidents can occur, so I employ safe practices and work to eliminate hazards. No one is allowed to ride on the front of a wagon on our farm because the likelihood of getting run over if they fell off is near 100%!

I recognize that a catastrophic spill in The Straits of Mackinac or along the many miles of Line 5 CAN occur.  We must act.  We must hold the State of Michigan to its duty to be a conscientious trustee of our precious Great Lakes.  We must call for the decommissioning of Line 5.  

It’s time to face the facts and eliminate the most significant risk to livelihood in the 107th District. In our Pure Michigan.  

Invest in our future with more support from renewable energy sources.

Environment, Line 5 & Enbridge Pipeline Proposal:

For starters, Galloway is “100% in agreement” with what MBA Co-Chair Barbra Brown has had to say in this op ed piece:

Joanne is calling this "Gov. Snyder’s and Enbridge’s pipe dream fantasy tunnel … cooked up in a back-room deal with no transparency.”

"My opponent talks the transparency talk, Galloway said, but “fails to walk the transparency walk on this issue.” 

 Fight for clean water for all!

Drinking Water: Michigan “ … needs to figure out a way to get the lead out of our citizens’ drinking water. Like road funding, this might call for the issuing of bonds, or some sort of state infrastructure bank."


In today's world, more commerce and life, in general, is taking place online. If you think back to when the telephone was introduced, it changed the world. Rural America made sure that they were part of that miracle. Online connectivity is just as important as the telephone many years ago. It brings the world a little bit closer. When you bring the world a bit closer, you can do business better, faster and more profitably. Northern Michigan businesses and families deserve to share in the online economy. 

Our communication goal is to get Northern Michigan businesses, large and small, parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles to understand how important it is to have a solid and stable online base in their community. Joanne will bring that message to Lansing.

Ethics & Transparency
in State

Politicians are supposed to be the voice of the people.  Corporate PAC money corrupts the decisions of our law makers.  My campaign will not accept contributions from corporate PACs. 

Galloway believes “sunlight is the best disinfectant,” and will keep her constituents “in the loop” when it comes to legislation she is considering voting on, bills she will consider introducing, and whom she is meeting with. “I am opposed to back-room deals. I’ll be working for the people of Northern Michigan, and they have a right to know what their representative — their employee — is up to. And I’ll pay for my own lunches."


Every year health care expenses rise. Because of the way business is done today, the average person takes a pay cut due to insurance premiums increasing. If they are lucky enough to get a pay raise, the amount they have to pay for increased health insurance premiums wipes out any gains they may realize. 

This is not fair and is counterproductive to the well-being of Northern Michigan families. 

Lansing has to find a way to make access easier, not harder. Because of Joanne’s tenacity and love of her neighbors, she will force Lansing to recognize this issue and bring a solution to a burgeoning problem.

"The state’s Healthy Michigan (Medicaid expansion under the AFC) should be protected and possibly expanded." Galloway is NOT in agreement with the “work requirement” rules recently enacted by Republicans, as they may threaten this program


Public education is funded on a per-student basis. On the surface, this sounds fair. However, when you look at the number of students in Northern Michigan compared to other areas downstate, there is a huge disparity in funding. 

Like everyone else in this great country, Northern Michigan families want the best education for their children. Joanne will bring those concerns to Lansing. View our schools' report card.


Firearm Control & School Safety

Galloway supports efforts to enact so-called “red flag” legislation that would keep firearms out of the hands of mentally unstable, or violent, persons. 

See recognition from this group: https://momsdemandaction.org/tag/michigan/

 Firearm Control, Safety and Lee Chatfield TSA Incident: “ … highlights this lawmaker's immaturity, incompetence and inability to safely handle firearms," Galloway said. “We expect better leadership from our elected representatives,” said Galloway, who runs Red Clay Ranch on 450 acres with her husband, Gary, in Pickford in the E. Upper Peninsula. “And this is a case study in why our leadership in the 107th needs to change.”

Car Insurance

“It’s complicated! I’ll do what I’ve always done: Create relationships, bring people together and get stuff done. The key here will be to make sure — regardless of what programs and policies are put in place — that every single Michigander has adequate health insurance. … Insurance cover both automobile accidents and health-related illnesses, etc. These are the areas that drive people into bankruptcy court if they are not adequately covered and protected."